Elevate (John Wizards Remix) – St. Lucia

Was tropical pop due to emerge in the indie-underground music universe? Probably. Back in ’09, did these neo-tropical pop artists simply takes notes on classic chillwave releases from Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, Small Black, Neon Indian, Panda Bear, etc. and simply wait for their opportunity to jump onto this emerging electronic entity? Maybe. But it’s no coincidence that two new trop-pop stars are gaining ground and setting a new standard for the progressive genre. I’m talking about St. Lucia and John Wizards. St. Lucia first caught my attention very recently on the super underrated Kitsune America 1 & 2 compilation, and John Wizards’ blissful afro-pop compositions were essential tracks for late summer nights. The good news is that both artists have outstanding 2013 releases: St. Lucia – When The Night via Neon Gold Records, and John Wizards – ST  via Planet Mu Records. Here we have the remix of St. Lucia’s groovy “Elevated” by John, and it couldn’t sound better. Everything about this under water spectacle feels so good, so right, so sun-soaked. It’s one of those rare occasions where you would kill to see the download symbol on the Soundcloud player. But for now stream and enjoy, and for god’s sake support both of these artists anyway possible. #SurfThatSaxBro


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